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The Coywolves are a Rock & Roll act founded by Johnny Brousseau in his hometown of Guelph, Ontario at the age of fifteen in 2015. Brousseau moved to Hamilton in 2018 and teamed up with bass player Ben Gray and drummer Dylan Pacheco to form the full group. The Coywolves have recorded three indie albums, and are expected to release their debut professional album in the spring of 2023. Following the Coronavirus pandemic, the young band has brought in Drummer Zak Stulla as live opportunities opened up again. Known for their crowd surfing energetic performances, they have since been playing sold out shows and packed college parties in various cities in Southern Ontario.


Following the Covid-19 Pandemic, The Coywolves have developed into a performing band, demonstrating great success performing across various cities in southern Ontario. While initially performing in Brousseau's hometown of Guelph, the band has expanded into other territories, first playing in Hamilton, where the band attended McMaster University. Since then, the band has held successful shows both as a headlining act and as an opening band in Toronto and Kitchener/Waterloo, with crowds steadily growing with each performance.


Performance History

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